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Journey to Haeqma

Disappointment is the most beautiful gift from Allah swt. Sometimes a gift from Him does not come in a neatly wrapped packaged tied with a pink bow. There will be instances where Allah swt will wrapped our gift packages in the form of a 'musibah' or in other words in the form of an unexpected calamity, painful tragedy or even an unwanted setback.

Friends we need to undo those packages before we can discover the beautiful gift called Hikmah.

Hikmah is your secret love with Allah swt. The love you have for Dunya can bring joy to your heart but the love you have with Allah swt will surpass all the joy and happiness that Dunya can lead you to.

There is this beautiful ayah in the Quran where Allah swt reassures us, saying "and whoever puts their trust in Allah, then He alone is sufficient for them" (Quran 65:3)

It is undoubtedly mesmerizing how the Quran can understand you more than people do. While people breaks you, the Quran saves and heals you. The Quran softens the heart. The cure was in His Words.

Even if the entire universe is against you, if you put your utmost trust in Him, then Allah swt is more than enough for you. My dear friends lets digest this and let it sink in our heart.

So trust Him.

x Haeqma

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